Bulk Strategic Reserve

Your strategic energy solutions partner.


Bulk Strategic Reserve Limited will strike a new balance between risk and reward by applying its proven technical expertise and going beyond the ordinary. We shall generate new ideas, capture leading acreage positions in frontier and emerging areas which are often overlooked by others. We shall pursue organic growth through drill-bit success. Our creativity will be supported by our discipline and by our ability to safely and efficiently develop projects using industry best practices and advanced technologies.

We shall create quick value for governments, industry partners, shareholders and our team.


Accountability: We are accountable and take responsibility and the initiative in the best interest of the customer and the company.

Customer Service: This value is most imperative; we always deliver what we promise

Integrity: We steadfastly adhere to high moral principles as well as professional standards; the basis for continuing relationships

Efficiency: We have high alertness, adaptability and more so often flexible in order to act rapidly and professionally in every circumstance around our operations.

Teamwork: In an ever changing environment, through open communication, creativity and continuous assessment of result, we are forever open to positive development

Safety: We are enthusiastic, loyal and committed; we believe in what we do with continuous advocacy in occupational health, safety and environment protection.


The company is well positioned to face the challenging and dynamic nature of the petroleum industry with a cream of professionals as the Nigeria market is considered one of the most vibrant market in West Africa.

The company is also positioning itself as a key player within the short period of entry with excellent record of sales and distribution of refined petroleum product across the country. The company is poised to bring functional & economic benefits which will serve as strong forces in the industry that attracts customers.

The focus of its market is strategically directed at the distribution — retail end of the market, supply of product to Oil Platforms — FPSO, fishing vessels, oil Industries. This constitutes over 80% of the consumption capacity of the industry; hence experience and highly competent hands have been employed in its work force to tap into their wealth of experience in the management of the organization.